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The Brainsim Formula Simulator


The “Brainsim Formula”  is the result of  15 years of experience dedicated to research and development in Motorsport and Driving Simulation. This simulator, equipped with the “4_Motion system”, includes many of the experiences developed in our Training Center with the aim of making a Formula ONE car drivable, fun and engaging. The “Brainsim Formula”  is suitable for those seeking entertainment at the highest levels of fun and adrenaline.

Thanks to a new software programming methodology and to the realism of the motion system which  makes the driving experience unique, The “Brainsim Formula”  is the STATE OF THE ART of  Italian technology and inventiveness. The forces and reactions involved with the innovative “Motion Pro” developed in collaboration with the Department of Biomedicine of the Faculty of  Pharmacy of the University of Salerno, transfer to the driver a high perception of the  behavior of the car, increasing endorphins and generating a state of incredible euphoria. The gear is sequential and can be used with the paddles on the steering wheel .

The racing simulator is equipped also with an adjustable racing seat and fully configurable Pro pedals.  The steering wheel has all the buttons and switches to adjust the setup of all the driving  configurations (ABS – traction control, …etc.)  plus an excitng Audio System type  2.1. The triple screens vision involves the driver in a real driving experience.  The Tazio Nuvolari Circuit is fully replicated in the driving software, as well as many others National and International Circuits. The “Brainsim Formula”  is the ultimate  tool to really feel the racing behavior on the track and also learn the basic race driving techniques, before the real driving experience on the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit or even the other tracks.